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Business Benefits of Shopify App Development

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Add tangible value to your business and overcome your technical challenges through our agency’s Shopify app development service.

Shopify Migration Agency Shopify is easy to use

Tailored Solutions To Your Business Logic

Shopify Migration Agency Shopify is about e-commerce performance

Automation And Improved Efficiency

Shopify Migration Agency Shopify's system offers robust solutions

Enhanced Store Functionalities

Shopify Migration Agency Shopify's system offers robust solutions

Integrations With Various Tools

Shopify Migration Agency Shopify's system offers robust solutions

Improved Security For Sensitive Data Management

craftberry - a trusted Shopify App Development Company

Leverage craftberry's deep expertise and launch your private or public Shopify app. Our development team has built the most complex solutions and will help you bring your idea to life.

Development of Public and Private Shopify Apps

As an experienced Shopify App development company, we excel in creating both private apps that are built exclusively for your store and public apps - available on the Shopify App Store.

We manually inspect our apps and ensure they are exceptionally stable, reliable, and performant to ensure your peace of mind.

Extend Your App to Shopify

If you have an app or a different software that’s already established on a different platform, we can help you seamlessly extend and adapt it to Shopify.

Our niche expertise within the Shopify ecosystem, including its App Store, means you have a reliable partner to guide you through your transition.

Apps Built For Shopify

The apps we build for Shopify are specifically designed to adhere to Shopify’s strictest guidelines for quality.

In fact, when we build apps for you, we make them eligible for Built for Shopify status, which is the highest recognition an app can have.

With the Built for Shopify badge, your app will be among Shopify’s top recommendations on the Shopify store.

Experienced & Reliable Shopify App Developers

Our highly knowledgeable team of Shopify app developers execute to the highest standard.

We excel in delivering bespoke apps that stand out with their precision, seamless integration, and premium user experience.

Using the latest technologies and development practices, we ensure each app is optimized for performance, reliability, and security.

Proactive Communication

Stay part of the conversation every step of the way. When working with us you will have a dedicated Project Manager who informs you about every update.

From the initial brainstorming sessions to the final touches and post-launch support, we maintain an open line of communication.

Never worry about staying in the dark. Ensure every detail of your app aligns with your vision and goals.

Efficient Coding Process

We stay on top of the details of day-to-day development by utilizing smart coding practices that limit the usage of development resources.

Our priority is to write clean and maintainable code while implementing modular design and reusing code where possible.

App Solutions that Scale With You

Through established coding practices we ensure your app is easily updatable and scalable to accommodate your rapid business growth.

The App Development Services We Provide

Leverage our comprehensive suite of end-to-end app development services.

Private Shopify App Development

craftberry is proficient at delivering tailor-made applications that fit your store exclusively.

We build these bespoke apps based on your specific operational needs to streamline your workflows and improve efficiency.

Enhance the shopping experience of your customers with hand-made store functionalities that go far beyond those available in the standard Shopify App Store.

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Custom Shopify App Development

Bring your vision to life while utilizing the latest technologies for Shopify App development.

We engineer custom app-based solutions that boost customer engagement, and improve conversion rates, average order values, and many more key metrics.

Take total control of your store and ensure your store is backed by technology that can scale with your business without holding it back.

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Public Shopify App Development

craftberry is also renowned for developing public Shopify apps, designed to cater to the needs of the wider Shopify App Store marketplace.

Our public apps are crafted to make an impact on a broad spectrum of stores within the entire Shopify ecosystem.

We create apps that not only solve immediate problems but also contribute positively to the overall Shopify ecosystem.

This way, we enrich the experience for store owners and their customers alike. Reach out today if you have an idea for an app.

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Shopify App Integration

Ensure that your entire tech stack, critical business systems, and middleware are operating in harmony with our app integration service.

Through establishing integrations we not only simplify your operations but enhance the overall functionality and ensure the consistency of data across your business.

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Support And Maintenance

With craftberry, you get a strategic tech partner who’s here to support you far beyond the initial development and launch phase.

Through ongoing support and maintenance, we ensure your Shopify apps remain contemporary, secure, and fully operational long after they go live.

From adding new app features and resolving any arising issues to conducting routine updates, our dedicated team stands by to support your ongoing needs.

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What our clients say


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“They were able to keep us informed and not wondering what was going on.”

Emily Iser
Software Engineering Manager, Glowforge

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“They don't feel like an agency, but rather part of a team that is just as invested in our company's success as we are.”

Michael Silva
VP E-Commerce & DTC Marketing, Honest Baby Clothing

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“They have good communication and timely response.”

George Kuan
Founder, Bang Cookies

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“They were efficient, responsive, and had very reasonable rates.”

Alison Piepmeyer
CMO, Entertainment Venue

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"They were very responsive and quick!"

Mimi Tjia
Operations Manager, DTC Skincare Brand

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“CraftBerry is a team I can rely on.”

Founder & CEO, Nutrition & Supplements E-Commerce

Our App Development Process

Here are the exact steps you can expect when working with craftberry to develop an app for your business.

Discovery and Planning

Our first objective is to get to know you, your vision, objectives, and specific business requirements.

We follow this up with a careful audit of your existing tech stack and workflows.

We do this to identify potential blockers and opportunities for improvement.

Next, we move to set clear goals, timelines, expectations, and communication channels.

Moreover, we assign you a dedicated project manager.

Design and Prototyping

To save development resources and ensure a faster time for production, our UI/UX team sets out to create an interactive app dashboard prototype.

Prototyping is crucial for collecting feedback and ensuring your app is usable by the end user.

Back-end and front-end development

With a designed prototype that’s been approved by you, our skilled app developers can finally set out to code the app into existence.

Utilizing the latest technologies and development practices, we transform the prototype into a fully functional Shopify app.

This phase involves rigorous coding and multiple quality assurance tests to ensure the app is reliable, secure, and performing well.

(Optional) Shopify App Store Approval

When developing a public Shopify app, there is an extensive list of requirements and approval guidelines that your app needs to pass.

Our sophisticated app development adheres to Shopify’s recommended guidelines and ensures your app will easily pass the approval process.

Going Live

After all development work has been concluded and approved by you, we finally move in to deploy the app and make it accessible for users.

Throughout this process, we constantly test and monitor the app’s performance and address any immediate issues.

This phase marks the beginning of the app's real-world journey, serving users and driving business growth.


Our commitment to our clients goes beyond the launch phase of the app.

Maintaining your app requires constant resources and sophisticated development know-how which we provide you with.

Overall, we keep your Shopify app updated, secure, and functioning optimally. Should you wish to make further iterations or add new functionalities to it, we will make that happen.

From routine updates and bug fixes to adding new features and scaling the app, our team ensures the longevity and success of your app in the Shopify ecosystem over the long run.

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    Let's launch and grow your Shopify Plus store together

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