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craftberry is a boutique Shopify Plus agency and partner with a wealth of knowledge in the Shopify ecosystem.

Clients typically come to us with questions about migrations, tech stacks, design, or conversions, and we guide them toward the best solutions for their situation.

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Design Consulting

Integration Consulting

Migration Consulting

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How our Shopify consulting service helps you

Use our decade-long expertise to pinpoint the best opportunities for your store and the smartest ways to pursue them

Improve the sales of your store

Dive deep into the Shopify world and understand its inner mechanisms.

Stop relying on Shopify marketing materials and publicly available information and start getting advice and workarounds from people who work with Shopify every single day.

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Validate if a problem can be solved

Whether you have a specific technical problem or are wondering if your store is in optimal shape, we will help you.

Receive a step-by-step growth playbook designed exclusively for your store that covers everything you need to turn your brand into an industry statement.

From the minute design and development details to the strategic marketing and growth decisions, act with confidence and enjoy professional support.

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Uncover missed opportunities

Stop wondering about Shopify’s hundreds of features, and start navigating its ecosystem with ease.

Put your time and money where they will have the biggest impact for your business. Steer clear of common pitfalls and ensure your store is set for growth and scalability.

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“Unlocking serious e-commerce growth is about working smarter with professionals who can show you the way.”

What do our Shopify Consulting Services include?

We work with you to inform and guide you through the specific challenges of your Shopify situation.

Shopify Tech Stack Consulting

We help you navigate the vast landscape of Shopify technologies and pick the solutions that empower you best.

Streamline and enhance your tech stack to fit the objectives and unique challenges of your business.

Unlock new functionalities, improve efficiency, and provide an unmatched shopping experience with the right tech stack behind you.

Ensure your tech stack can sustain rapid business growth and scale with you.

Shopify Conversion Rate Consulting

Refine your user journey through key A/B tests. Identify conversion blockers and pursue growth opportunities depending on their impact on your conversions and revenue.

Our conversion rate consulting service leverages data-driven insights and proven conversion optimization techniques to optimize every aspect of your store to boost conversions.

Shopify Design Consulting

Stand out in the crowded e-commerce space with a beautiful Shopify store that captures attention and drives sales.

Our senior designers help you craft a precise visual identity for your brand that speaks to your ideal target audience and keeps it engaged from homepage to checkout.

Shopify Integration Consulting

Streamline operations and enhance your store's capabilities with our Shopify Integration Consulting.

We guide you through integrating the most effective tools and applications that sync seamlessly with your Shopify store.

Whether it's managing inventory, automating marketing, or offering advanced customer service features, our experts help you choose the right integrations to scale your business efficiently.

Shopify Migration Consulting

Transition to Shopify smoothly and securely with our Shopify Migration Consulting without losing any data or SEO rankings.

Whether you're moving from another platform or upgrading to Shopify Plus, we ensure a seamless migration of your data, design, and functionalities.

Our meticulous planning and execution minimize disruptions and help you seamlessly navigate the complexities of migration.

Shopify Troubleshooting and Maintenance Consulting

Keep your Shopify store running at peak performance with our Shopify Troubleshooting and Maintenance Consulting.

From diagnosing and fixing urgent issues to regular store health checks, we provide comprehensive support to ensure your store is always running smoothly.

Our proactive approach identifies potential problems before they affect your sales, guaranteeing your store's longevity and success.

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“They were able to keep us informed and not wondering what was going on.”

Emily Iser
Software Engineering Manager, Glowforge

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“They don't feel like an agency, but rather part of a team that is just as invested in our company's success as we are.”

Michael Silva
VP E-Commerce & DTC Marketing, Honest Baby Clothing

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“They have good communication and timely response.”

George Kuan
Founder, Bang Cookies

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“They were efficient, responsive, and had very reasonable rates.”

Alison Piepmeyer
CMO, Entertainment Venue

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"They were very responsive and quick!"

Mimi Tjia
Operations Manager, DTC Skincare Brand

crfatberry work - clutch logo

“CraftBerry is a team I can rely on.”

Founder & CEO, Nutrition & Supplements E-Commerce

Our Shopify Consultation Process

Here’s what working with craftberry to find the right solutions for your e-commerce business looks like:

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01. Sign up for a free discovery meeting

Let's get to meet each other by signing up for a complimentary discovery meeting.

This initial consultation is aimed at understanding your e-commerce goals, challenges, and needs.

Moreover, it sets the foundation for a tailored Shopify solution that aligns with your business vision.

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02. Form an action plan

Together, we'll dive deep into your obstacles and opportunities, crafting a comprehensive action plan.

This strategic roadmap will guide your e-commerce journey, highlighting key areas for improvement and practical steps to enhance your Shopify store's performance.

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03. Periodic strategy calls

Stay on track with regular strategy calls—weekly, monthly, or as often as needed.

These sessions are crucial for ensuring your actions align with your goals and allow us to make timely adjustments when new challenges arise.

Moreover, if you need help with implementing any of the more technical advise, our dev team will be there to help.

Transparent pricing for a full-service Shopify team

Confidently build and grow your ecommerce business with a trusted team that comes at a fixed, predictable price

Ongoing Support
Shopify Design + Build
Block of hours

All plans include


  • Dedicated hours per month
  • Priority urgent support
  • Proven strategy to grow your KPIs
  • America, Europe & Middle East Timezones covered
  • Integration with your marketing team
  • Cancel anytime

Senior team at your disposal

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Technical Shopify developer
  • UX design specialist
  • Growth expert

Always stay updated

  • Same-day response time
  • We join your Slack, Teams & more
  • Sync/update calls


Brands wanting to work on an entry level dev/growth basis.

What can you achieve:

  • One medium project or many small projects per month
  • Ongoing support
  • 22 hrs/month

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    Great for growing brands that need ongoing development, design & optimizatiion work.

    What can you achieve:

  • Two-three medium sized projects per month
  • Reliable technical & design support
  • 40 hrs/month

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    Ideal for established brands that need ongoing development, design work.

    What can you achieve:

  • Many large, medium and small projects each month
  • Ultra reliable technical & design support
  • from70 hrs/month

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    “CraftBerry basically helped us build our business, we went from earning nothing to making 7 figures a year in revenue.”

    Co-Founder & CEO, McMiLLER

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