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How does Craftberry's Custom Theme Development help you?

Custom Shopify themes are usually more resource-intensive compared to Shopify’s pre-made options from the theme store. However, mature e-commerce businesses should make that investment if they want greater store personalization and improved conversion rates.
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Improved Engagement and Conversions

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Shopify Brand Differentiation

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Enhanced Shopify Functionality

The Core Features of Craftberry's Shopify Theme Development Services

We push the boundaries of Shopify through code. Any feature you like, we can build in an efficient, elegant, and reliable way.

Present your products with better results

No matter what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to, we can help you find and apply the right Shopify features to sell to your audience with better results.

Product sorting and filtering, user-friendly navigation, and powerful search tools revolutionize your website’s usability.

These features barely scratch the surface of our vast toolbox. Whatever feature you need, we build in a lightweight, efficient, and future-proof manner.

Based on best practices for your industry and demographic, we help you present your products the right way and boost sales.

Reinforce trust in your brand. Create a positive post-purchase experience to encourage return buyers.

shopify custom theme development present your products with better results

Universally Responsive & Accessible Design

Making your store accessible and usable on different devices and systems ensures that anyone can purchase from you from any device.

Modern online shoppers constantly switch between their mobile and desktop devices. Thus, it’s essential to create a consistently positive experience for them.

Having a mobile-friendly and accessible store ranks you higher on Google. Optimizing your custom theme for SEO is part of our service standard.

Indirectly, this improves all of your website metrics like stay time, conversion rates, average order value, and more.

Shopify custom theme development universally responsive and accessible design

Scalable Themes That Grow With Your Store

In the e-commerce world, speed is king. Having a Shopify theme that is reliable and built with the latest technologies is essential to avoid future bottlenecks as your orders ramp up.

We write every line of code with reusability and scalability in mind. We ensure this by using prototypes, coding in modules, and using dynamic sources.

The more we work together, the more efficient we become and the less time we need to develop new functionalities for your shop.

shopify custom theme development of scalable themes that grow your store

Seamless Third-Party Integrations For Added Functionality

Third-party Shopify apps are essential for extending the functionality of your store beyond out-of-the-box solutions.

However, Liquid, Shopify’s proprietary coding language has many peculiarities that can cause unwanted behaviors from apps.

Shopify is all we do. As a result, we create robust integrations between your store, third-party apps, and custom functionalities.

Whenever a ready solution is not available on the App Store, our team builds clever, custom apps to ensure your business satisfies your needs.

shopify custom theme development integration of any third-party app for added functionality

Leveraging Shopify's Platform for Customization

When developing a custom theme for your store, we usually use a default theme as a starting point to push down costs and save development time.

Being native to Shopify’s Liquid means we have ready workarounds for common problems that allow us to complete our tasks even faster.

Meet all the technical needs of your business with confidence. Enjoy a stellar performance for your website in terms of speed and security.

custom theme development leveraging shopify's platform

craftberry's Custom Theme Development Process

Discovery and Planning

The first stage of the project is all about understanding your Shopify business. We work to understand your products, your brand, and your audience.

We carry out independent research of your industry and competitors and dig deep into data. We look to discover insights and best practices for your niche and audience.

For development, we discuss which are the best features for you and weigh in the costs of implementing a third-party app vs. coding them from scratch.

For design, we kick things off with an elaborate workshop. We schedule meetings and include your input from start to finish to bring your vision to life.

Conversion-Oriented Design And Prototyping

If you have an existing design, we’ll code it to life. If not, we’ll leverage data from tools like Google Analytics 4 and Hotjar to create a conversion-oriented design for you.

As trusted Shopify Experts, our design efforts directly lead to increased conversion rates and average order value for your store.

We leverage tools like Google Analytics 4 and Hotjar to guide our decisions while building a design prototype of your shop with all the features like in real life.

Creating an interactive prototype is a major milestone. It allows us to save development time and costs while giving you an accurate idea of how the final product will look.

Development and Implementation

In the final stage, we bring the prototype with all its approved features and integrations to life.

We implement third-party apps, custom functionalities, and design elements into the fabric of your store.

This is the stage where we get down to the details of customizing your theme and optimizing it for speed and performance.

Based on your feedback, we continue to iterate, tweak, and improve the store until you love it.

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    Ideal for established brands that need ongoing development, design work.

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