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Why migrate to Shopify?

Shopify is the world-leading e-Commerce platform for creating, managing, and growing your online store. 

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Shopify is easy to use

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Shopify is built for e-commerce performance

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Shopify’s system offers robust solutions

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Shopify replatforming for Überlube's premium lubricant brand

  • Amazon
  • Shopify launch
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Launching an Amazon brand into a profitable Shopify D2C brand

  • Amazon
  • Shopify Launch
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Launching a successful Amazon roleplay accessories brand on Shopify

  • Amazon
  • Shopify Launch
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Seamless Migration from Custom E-commerce Store to Shopify.

  • Shopify Launch
  • Migration
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Your Trusted Shopify Migration Partner

craftberry has over 700 successfully completed Shopify projects and 20+ migrations behind it.

Your Trusted Shopify Migration Partner

craftberry - a Shopify Partner & Plus Agency

At craftberry, we are an official Shopify Plus partner and agency. 

This means we’ve worked with some of the highest-growth Shopify merchants and receive priority support from Shopify itself. 

As a dedicated Plus agency, we provide custom designs, advanced store features, post-launch support, app integrations, migrations, and CRO service.

We work exclusively with Shopify and Shopify Plus, so we understand your business and its technical challenges. 

Our reliability and expertise come at a fair price, so you can grow your Shopify store with e-commerce professionals without breaking the bank.

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Your Trusted Shopify Migration Partner

Shopify migration experts

Leverage craftberry’s expertise when migrating to Shopify for a seamless and reliable transition to the leading e-commerce platform.

Regardless of your platform or the volume of your ecommerce business, we guarantee the secure and accurate transfer of your sensitive data. 

Our intimate knowledge of Shopify’s ecosystem helps your start on the right foot and select the tools that will help you scale.

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Your Trusted Shopify Migration Partner

Shopify Plus migration specialists

With over 20 migrations to Shopify Plus completed, we know the ins and outs of Shopify's highest, most sophisticated plan for serious merchants.

Leverage Shopify’s extensive ecosystem to the fullest with craftberry by your side. Migrate your store to Shopify Plus, and retain all your data (orders, products, customers, etc) and your rankings in Google.

From pre-migration roadmapping and tech consulting, to the secure handling of your data and page redirects, your replatforming project to Shopify plus is in safe hands with craftberry. 

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We believe in strong partnerships with our clients

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Our Shopify and Shopify Plus migration services

Experience a smooth transition to the leading e-commerce platform with our Shopify and Shopify Plus migration services.

Migration to Shopify

craftberry’s Shopify migration service is a comprehensive solution that prioritizes transparency and efficiency at every step. Our service takes care of everything from roadmapping to launching your store and supporting it beyond.

01 Project Discovery

01 We start with a project discovery and evaluation of your tech stack, business requirements, and budget.

02 Plan the details

We plan out the project details and create a detailed scope of work on design, development, and CRO.

03 Prototype and Shopify design

We create an interactive Figma design prototype of your store and iterate improvements based on it.

04 Shopify development & Integrations

04 We code the design to life and add all the functionalities and third-party apps that you want.

05 Transition & support

We support your team’s transition to Shopify and teach you how to manage your store independently, without deep technical knowledge.

06 Shopify store launch

We launch your store on Shopify and monitor it closely to discover problems and opportunities.

07 Ongoing support

We continue to support your store after it launches and ensure you have a reliable tech-savvy partner.


Migration to Shopify Plus

Migrating to Shopify Plus includes the same steps but gives you even more tools to present, promote, and grow your store. With craftberry by your side, you can leverage these tools to your best advantage.

Currently, we work with over 15+ Shopify Plus clients and support them with checkout optimizations, dynamic discounts, store offerings, and running high-volume updates.

With our Shopify Plus expertise, you can confidently shift your e-commerce efforts into higher gear and take the best of what the Shopify platform has to offer.

What our clients say


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Average rating

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“They were able to keep us informed and not wondering what was going on.”

Emily Iser
Software Engineering Manager, Glowforge

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“They don't feel like an agency, but rather part of a team that is just as invested in our company's success as we are.”

Michael Silva
VP E-Commerce & DTC Marketing, Honest Baby Clothing

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“They have good communication and timely response.”

George Kuan
Founder, Bang Cookies

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“They were efficient, responsive, and had very reasonable rates.”

Alison Piepmeyer
CMO, Entertainment Venue

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"They were very responsive and quick!"

Mimi Tjia
Operations Manager, DTC Skincare Brand

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“CraftBerry is a team I can rely on.”

Founder & CEO, Nutrition & Supplements E-Commerce

Our process for streamlined Shopify migration

No surprises. Control every step.

Discovery & Strategy

In this initial phase, we work to understand your business, your products, and your audience. We work one-on-one with your team and take a deep dive into your tech stack, current platform, and your existing data.

In most projects, we uncover your missed opportunities to sell more or to operate more efficiently.

Furthermore, we note your specific business goals and requirements to get a precise idea of what would make our collaboration a resounding success for you.

Definition of scope of work

In this next phase, we define the scope of your project. We highlight the total time it would take us to migrate, design, rebuild, and launch your store in Shopify.

We propose a flexible budget for execution and prototyping before we move into the development phase.

We note what features the store will have, what third-party solutions we will utilize, and what their impact on your business will be.

Transfer of data

This step includes moving the data from the existing ecommerce platform to shopify - products, orders, customers & more.

Leverage order history, customers.

Shopify UI/UX design & prototype

We analyze what the customer journey for your visitors will involve and how easy it is for them to purchase from your store.

Then, we work to transform points of friction into seamless experiences through consumer psychology and design best practices. This is directly connected with an improved conversion rate and a higher average order value.

The deliverable of this stage is an interactive prototype in Figma which we review with your team and improve through collaboration.

Creating a design prototype in Figma saves you budget and costs as you get to see a prototype, without coding it. Usually, the coding part of the project takes the most time.

Shopify custom theme development & build

In the development phase we bring the prototype to life, code all of the custom features, and integrate the third-party Shopify apps we approved in the Discovery & Strategy stage.

Coding your Shopify store can be started from scratch or we could leverage an existing Shopify theme as a base to save development resources. This is something we decide together, depending on your budget, goals, and scope of your project.

The stores we craft are always reliable and rarely break. If they do, we offer a warranty and fix your issues free of charge.

You can expect a scalable, hassle-free solution that becomes more efficient as your store grows and expands.

Shopify training and guidance

Migrating to a new system is more than just changing technology. It’s a process that requires your team to be comfortable using Shopify.

We will train your team on how to execute their daily tasks and run your new store smoothly. We’ll also help them understand Shopify apps and the whole Shopify ecosystem.

Tasks include but are not limited to managing content, orders, fulfillment, and more. With our expertise and SOPs, your team will also enjoy a smooth transition.

Shopify store launch

After we've designed and built your Shopify store, we launch your store and monitor its performance closely.

From minor bugs to critical failures, we utilize our expertise and monitoring tools to prevent, fix, and spot issues long before your customers do, leaving your store’s operations unharmed.

Post-migration support

As customers start visiting your new store, we leverage analytical and intelligence tools to analyze their behavior. In applicable cases, we run A/B tests and uncover areas for improvement based on the data.

craftberry’s ongoing support is there for your brand to ensure you always stay up-to-date with Shopify’s newest features and updates.

You can’t predict every single issue that can occur in your store. But it’s vital to have someone like us on your side who can quickly and reliably take care of them as they emerge.

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  • Design, development, consulting & troubleshooting

  • Project management & quality assurance included

  • No long-term engagement

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Shopify Design + Build

Team up with craftberry for a single project

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Migration

  • UX/UI design

  • Development

  • Optimisation

  • Third-party Integration

$10K - $100K

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