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craftberry - a Trusted Shopify Speed Optimization Agency

craftberry is a boutique Shopify Plus development agency and partner with a wealth of experience in the Shopify world.

We offer premium speed optimization services that help your customers wait less time and spend more money in your store.

What do our Shopify Speed Optimization Services include?

We provide your website with everything it needs to have lightning-quick loading times.

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Mobile Optimization

Ensuring your website performs well on mobile is paramount for serving the majority of your customers and keeping your store competitive.

We aim to get your mobile version to at least 50 Mobile Speed Score on Google’s Page Speed Insights. We achieve this through multiple technical optimizations.

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Core Web Vitals Optimization

Our Core Web Vitals optimization focuses on improving the loading, interactivity, and visual stability of your website.

This ensures your site offers a smooth, user-friendly experience and has a positive impact on your SEO rankings.

Keep in mind that core web vitals is a verified search signal for Google and it is a decisive factor in whether your site ranks well on Google or not.

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Lazy Loading Images

With a few snippets of code we implement lazy loading for your images.

This helps your initial page loading speed, as images begin to load only as they’re about to enter the viewport.

Lazy loading helps visitors conserve data usage and improves the overall site performance.

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Image + Video Optimization

Videos and images are some of the biggest culprits for slow page loading times due to their large file sizes.

That’s why we take the time to compress them and ensure they’re in the right format to keep sizes low, without sacrificing quality.

This accelerates your page loading times and indirectly enhances user engagement and retention on your website.

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Minifying CSS & JS

We streamline your website's performance by minifying its CSS and JavaScript files.

This process removes unnecessary characters from your site’s code without changing its functionality, which decreases its size.

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App check & cleanup

We inspect all the Shopify apps behind your store and evaluate their impact on your site speed.

We identify and remove any unnecessary or redundant apps that slow down your site, ensuring only the essential apps remain active.

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We implement preloading for key assets on your site to ensure important content is displayed as quickly as possible.

Preloading is a technique that allows us to begin loading resources as soon as a user hovers over an asset.

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App optimization

We review and optimize the apps on your Shopify store, ensuring they are configured for optimal performance.

Whenever possible we remove apps with bloated code and replace them with our bespoke lean code that ensures faster load times.

We review and optimize the apps on your Shopify store, ensuring they are configured for optimal performance.

Whenever possible we remove apps with bloated code and replace them with our bespoke lean code that ensures faster load times.

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Google tag manager and scripts cleanup

Third-party tracking scripts inevitably cause loading delays and decrease your overall Shopify store performance.

However, by listing them, ordering them through Google Tag Manager, and removing any unnecessary or redundant scripts, we speed up your store even further.

We can also implement conditional loading for scripts so that they begin loading only when and where they are really needed.

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Deferring loading of apps

Deferring the loading of non-essential apps until after your main content has fully loaded significantly improves your site's speed.

This technique ensures that critical content is prioritized, enhancing user experience and engagement on your Shopify store.

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“They were able to keep us informed and not wondering what was going on.”

Emily Iser
Software Engineering Manager, Glowforge

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“They don't feel like an agency, but rather part of a team that is just as invested in our company's success as we are.”

Michael Silva
VP E-Commerce & DTC Marketing, Honest Baby Clothing

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George Kuan
Founder, Bang Cookies

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“They were efficient, responsive, and had very reasonable rates.”

Alison Piepmeyer
CMO, Entertainment Venue

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Mimi Tjia
Operations Manager, DTC Skincare Brand

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“CraftBerry is a team I can rely on.”

Founder & CEO, Nutrition & Supplements E-Commerce

Our Speed Optimization Process

Here’s what working with craftberry to speed up your website looks like:

01. Get a Free Website Audit

Request a free website speed audit by contacting our team and sending us a link to your website.

If we approve your request, we’ll thoroughly examine your website and give you an actionable list of the biggest blockers and optimization opportunities, depending on their loading speed impact.

02. Discuss Optimization Opportunities and Project Scope

We’ll discuss each opportunity and blocker with you and help you prioritize them based on their impact and difficulty to overcome.

Afterward, we’ll help you define the project scope depending on your budget and objectives to see what is the best course of action for you.

03. Execute Required Optimizations

In this phase we set out to do all of the technical optimizations that we have agreed upon and keep you updated if any changes occur. Once we implement changes to your code, we carefully test them before deploying them to your live site and measure their impact on your website speed.

04. (Optional) Receive Ongoing Technical Support and Maintenance

Although you can achieve a lot with a one-time audit, it always pays to have a team of Shopify professionals at your back. We actively monitor your site performance and prevent technical issues on it. Moreover, as challenges appear we help you solve them ad hoc.

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  • Dedicated project manager
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Brands wanting to work on an entry level dev/growth basis.

What can you achieve:

  • One medium project or many small projects per month
  • Ongoing support
  • 22 hrs/month

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    Great for growing brands that need ongoing development, design & optimizatiion work.

    What can you achieve:

  • Two-three medium sized projects per month
  • Reliable technical & design support
  • 40 hrs/month

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    Ideal for established brands that need ongoing development, design work.

    What can you achieve:

  • Many large, medium and small projects each month
  • Ultra reliable technical & design support
  • from70 hrs/month

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