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Kick-start Your E-commerce Business

Shopify Store Launch

Our team of Shopify experts has a solid experience in designing and building stylish and converting Shopify stores from scratch. 

Are you a passionate entrepreneur who wants to start a business venture in the e-commerce world? We’ve got you covered with full support. 

We know how hard it is to create a brand and position it in such a competitive market. 

By choosing us, you start with us taking enough time to discuss your intention and business idea, continue with receiving professional advice and end up with a quote customized for your project. 

Boost the Performance of Your Shopify Store

Redesign & Optimization

Redesign can do wonders for your store’s overall success. Optimization boosts conversions and organically increases the percentage of prospects who turn into leads and customers. Simultaneously executing both can take your Shopify store to another level. 

Many companies trusted us for transforming their storefronts and have managed to rapidly scale up their e-commerce businesses.

Join them and let our UX designers work on redesigning your storefront while our developers propose and execute different optimizations.

Move to Shopify and Start Triumphing

Platform Migration

The platform you choose for your e-commerce venture is key to its success. 

We have a solid experience in migrating online stores from different platforms (BigCommerce, Magento, Woocommerce) to Shopify. 

With this package you receive a full store migration – improved store design, development and transfer of order history, product & customer data. 

Get Yourself Some Peace of Mind

Priority support

Monthly retainers are designed to take the weight off your shoulders. They ensure that our experienced team is available to optimize, fix bugs, implement new features and support your store whenever needed. 

You will have us working on the minor as well as on the major tasks while constantly making sure your storefront is performing flawlessly so you don’t have to worry something may break or go wrong. 

This package includes a fixed number of development hours for everything your Shopify store needs. 

Scale up and Outscore Your Competitors

Design & Development 

Even if you already have your store set up and have started taking care of it all by yourself, there comes a time you need a vetted developer to fix something. 

Our team is always available to help out with every small tweak of bug fix you necessitate. 

On the other hand, store enhancements are an organic conversion rate booster. 

We have developed personalised quizzes, automated chatbots, upsell functionalities, color palettes, swatches and many more functionalities that increase the average order value and the general performance of the stores we work on. You name the functionality, the rest is on us.