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Ongoing Support
Shopify Design + Build
Block of hours

All plans include


  • Dedicated hours per month
  • Priority urgent support
  • Proven strategy to grow your KPIs
  • America, Europe & Middle East Timezones covered
  • Integration with your marketing team
  • Cancel anytime

Senior team at your disposal

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Technical Shopify developer
  • UX design specialist
  • Growth expert

Always stay updated

  • Same-day response time
  • We join your Slack, Teams & more
  • Sync/update calls


Brands wanting to work on an entry level dev/growth basis.

What can you achieve:

  • One medium project or many small projects per month
  • Ongoing support
  • 22 hrs/month

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    Great for growing brands that need ongoing development, design & optimizatiion work.

    What can you achieve:

  • Two-three medium sized projects per month
  • Reliable technical & design support
  • 40 hrs/month

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    Ideal for established brands that need ongoing development, design work.

    What can you achieve:

  • Many large, medium and small projects each month
  • Ultra reliable technical & design support
  • from70 hrs/month

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    “CraftBerry basically helped us build our business, we went from earning nothing to making 7 figures a year in revenue.”

    Co-Founder & CEO, McMiLLER

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    Craftberry - Shopify Plus Agency - Sofia Ivanova UI/UX Designer
    Craftberry - Shopify Plus Agency - Preslav NIkov  - CEO

    Shopify team that goes beyond your expectations

    Our meticulous team is always finding new ways to make your store faster, more converting and better looking.

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    Vigorous quality 
assurance process

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    Async & sync 

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    App & complex 
Shopify development

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    Design & development under one roof

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    Expert guidance and support

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    Timely & thoughtful response

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    Data + Tracking Insights

    Learn about our process

    From research and strategy to development and optimization, everything you need for a successful Shopify business.


    Your dedicated project manager efficiently onboards our clients by detailing our work processes and communication platforms. We organize weekly meetings to review project advancements and discuss any concerns, ensuring continuous alignment and open dialogue.

    Key deliverables:

    • Project team
    • Key tools and practices

    Discover and strategy

    We craft truly unique Shopify stores. Stores, that reflect your unique brand and tell your story. Stores, designed following focused on discovery and strategic alignment, our team presents comprehensive e-commerce solutions, backed by exhaustive research, explaining the reasoning behind each feature implemented. In this phase, you’ll receive an articulated scope and a definitive timeline for each task and project to ensure transparency and reliability.

    Key deliverables:

    • Scope and timeline
    • Project documentation

    UX/UI Design

    Our approach to UI/UX starts with comprehensive moodboarding to capture the brand spirit, complemented by competitor research and style guide development. We lay the foundational structure through wireframes, set the visual tone, and iterate designs, incorporating your feedback to fine-tune the website to a world-class standard.

    Key deliverables:

    • Wireframing
    • Layouts
    • Style guide
    • Visual direction
    • Mockups


    Post-design, our project management team meticulously distills the design into functionalities, integrations, apps, and pages, crafting a meticulous schedule to ensure timely project delivery. Operating with AGILE & SCRUM methodologies, our tasks are segmented into sprints, which we excel in completing. Prior to launching any Shopify project, we conduct thorough checks to ensure seamless connectivity and readiness.

    Key deliverables:

    • Back-end
    • Front-end
    • Connected CMS

    Deployment (launching)

    Our QA team meticulously examines all developed systems, functionalities, and pages after the development phase, ensuring everything aligns perfectly for your Shopify store. We diligently set up hosting to prevent any issues at launch and provide a 2-month warranty, coupled with ongoing scrutiny by our performance specialists to ensure peak store performance.

    Key deliverables:

    • Quality assurance
    • Performance optimisation
    • Published website

    Support and optimisation

    The launch of your e-commerce store is merely the starting point. With Shopify, regular intervention isn’t needed, but for scalable growth, our retainer services can be invaluable, allowing prioritized access to our services for regular updates and additions, offering an economical path to expand your store without unnecessary expenditures.

    Key deliverables:

    • Discussed additionally

    Our Shopify Plus agency helps you to:

    Iterate faster

    Sell more

    Overcome all technical blocks

    Our Shopify Plus agency helps you to:

    · Iterate faster

    · Sell more

    · Overcome all technical blocks

    Our Shopify Plus agency helps you to:

    · Iterate faster

    · Sell more

    · Overcome all technical blocks

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    “They were able to keep us informed and not wondering what was going on.”

    Emily Iser
    Software Engineering Manager, Glowforge

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    “They don't feel like an agency, but rather part of a team that is just as invested in our company's success as we are.”

    Michael Silva
    VP E-Commerce & DTC Marketing, Honest Baby Clothing

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    “They have good communication and timely response.” George Kuan Founder, Bang Cookies

    George Kuan
    Founder, Bang Cookies

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    “They were efficient, responsive, and had very reasonable rates.” Alison Piepmeyer CMO, Entertainment Venue

    Alison Piepmeyer
    CMO, Entertainment Venue

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    "They were very responsive and quick!"

    Mimi Tjia
    Operations Manager, DTC Skincare Brand

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    “CraftBerry is a team I can rely on.”

    Founder & CEO, Nutrition & Supplements E-Commerce

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    Craftberry - Shopify Plus Agency - Teddy Cherneva Project Manager
    Craftberry - Shopify Plus Agency - Sofia Ivanova UI/UX Designer
    Craftberry - Shopify Plus Agency - Preslav Nikov, CEO

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