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5 Best Shopify themes for clothing brands


April 26, 2024Author: Preslav Nikov15 min read
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Choosing the perfect Shopify theme for your clothing brand is easier said than done.

According to Etailinsights, out of the 9.1 million e-commerce retailers globally, the most frequently purchased items online fall into the categories of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Considering the multitude of fashion brands in the online industry, standing out requires more than just selling a trendy product.

In this guide, we have analyzed and picked the best Shopify themes created exclusively for clothing brands.

What are Shopify themes?

In a nutshell, Shopify themes are templates, that shape the appearance of your store. You can find and purchase the perfect theme for your store in the Shopify theme catalog.

The themes come with pre-built templates, modules, and style settings. A professionally crafted Shopify theme saves you the time and effort necessary for coding and designing your Shopify store.

Ready-made Shopify themes offer easy customization options for creating beautiful stores easily.

On the other hand, custom themes are more advanced, for which you require the help of a professional Shopify developer.

Custom Shopify Theme for Clothing Brands

Our Work - Custom Theme Development for Pepper

Should I use an off-the-shelf theme or hire Shopify developers?

Shopify's theme catalog boasts over 190 carefully curated off-the-shelf themes that offer the convenience of quick and easy setup.

The Shopify Theme Catalog - Fashion Themes

The Shopify Theme Catalog as of April 2024

However, there are also limitations when it comes to customizations and uniqueness.

Let's analyze the pros and cons of both off-the-rack and custom themes:

Ready Shopify themes


  • Quick Setup: You can install and start adding products immediately, without the help of a developer.

  • Cost-effective: By purchasing an off-the-shelf theme you eliminate the costs you usually pay when hiring designers and developers to custom-craft it for you.

You can pick a ready-made theme and pay as little as $300 or even use a free Shopify theme.

  • Vast Selection: Shopify's themes catalog has various themes, suitable for stores of different industries. Explore the catalog to select the perfect fit for your clothing brand.


  • Limited Customization: While adjusting colors and fonts is straightforward, major design and functionality changes are only possible with technical expertise.

  • Quality Concerns: Some themes might be poorly coded, potentially leading your store to issues such as slow loading times, security
    vulnerabilities, and compatibility problems.

It's crucial to conduct thorough research and read reviews carefully before committing to a theme.

  • Update Dependency: Some Shopify themes need regular updates for security and functionality and without ongoing maintenance from a skilled Shopify developer, your store could face increased risks.

While there are plenty of ready-made themes that are quick to set up and cost-effective, they often fall short in providing customizations and reliability.

Custom theme developments may help you elevate the uniqueness of your store and also enhance functionalities

Custom Shopify Themes


  • Better product presentation- Investing in custom theme development will ensure that you are uniquely representing your product.

You will take control of product layouts, shop navigation, and dozens of technicalities.

  • Custom functionalities - Building your features from scratch reduces dependency on third-party apps that slow down your store.

Custom-coded theme improves your store's scalability, speed, and SEO performance.


  • Building Costs: Custom development requires resources. Tailoring your Shopify store's design or adding specific functionalities involves extensive development efforts, making theme development a pricy investment

  • Time-Consuming: While there are services that offer quick and seamless custom theme development, setting up a custom theme will generally take longer than deploying a pre-made theme from the Shopify catalog.

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Features to look for when choosing a Shopify theme for your clothing brand

High Quality Clothing Brands Shopify Themes

Shopify's Theme Catalog - Homepage

Product discovery features

  • Recently Viewed- By including this feature, you help customers easily revisit previously browsed products. This feature is perfect for indecisive shoppers who love checking on various options before purchasing.

  • Semantic Search  - Semantic search provides accurate and satisfying search results through understanding the meaning and context of your customer's query.

The traditional search, where the search engine typically matches the products with exact keywords, may often not show all the products that match your customer's criteria.

  • Product Filtering - This feature lets your customers quickly find the products they want.

    When customers apply filters as they browse your store, they set specific criteria to exclude products that don't match their needs, thereby only viewing those that do.

    Consider including filters based on the following attributes:

  1. Size

  2. Color

  3. Material

  4. Availability

  • Product Sorting - This function allows your customer to organize the products so that the most relevant ones stay at the top of the list.

According to Baymard Institute, you should always offer these four sorting options to make it easier for your customers to find their best fit:

  1. Price

  2. User rating average

  3. Best-selling

  4. Newest

  • Recommended Products - According to Barilliance, recommended products generated an average of 31% of ecommerce store revenues. That's why they are a great tool to consider when choosing a theme.

  • Mega Menu - The mega menu feature allows your customers to navigate several menus in a single dropdown. All of your products and collections are in one place.

Optimized cart and checkout

  • Sticky Add to Cart - The sticky add to cart button remains on the page even if your customer scrolls down.

    This feature is especially effective on mobile devices, where your customers would usually scroll back to the top of the product page to add items to the cart.

Growthrock's A/B test showed an 8% increase in orders with this feature.

However, we would recommend running an A/B test with different drawer variations if you are considering adding this feature to your clothing store.

  • Quick Buy - The Quick Buy button streamlines the checkout process by enabling customers to add products to their cart directly from the home or product page.

    This way your customer proceeds immediately to checkout.

Shopify Themes Features

Some of the features of a Shopify Theme

Marketing and conversion features

  • Cross-selling - In 2024, cross-selling is one of the most common sales and marketing tactics in e-commerce.

    Furthermore, this strategy can significantly boost the average order value by guiding customers toward complementary items.

According to Shopify, implementing cross-selling boosted revenue effectively, especially when the additional item is at a lower price than the main purchase.

  • Product badges - Product badges highlight key features and attributes about your product e.g.: New Arrival, Sale, Limited Stock, Bundle Deal.

    Use product badges to subtly create a sense of urgency in your clients.

  • Countdown timer - Just like the product badges, countdown timers create a sense of urgency in your customers.If your brand relies on promotions, pre-orders, launches, or holiday sales this feature will be quite useful for your e-commerce.

    Read on to find out how Marcus Taylor increased sales by %332 by utilizing a sense of urgency.

  • Trust badges - Trust badges are icons, images, and logos that you can place on the checkout page of your store to build trust in your customers.

    When shopping online, customers cannot physically interact with your products or store. That’s why you have to build trust with them.

Trust badges indicate to your customers that their personal or payment information is secure with you. This feature is the perfect way to effortlessly win the trust of new customers.

  • Color swatches - Color swatches enable your customer to see what your garment looks like in different colors directly from the product page.

    Rather than selecting from a text dropdown, color swatches help your customers sense and explore your product with a simple click on the color swatch.

Custom Theme Solution For Shopify - Clothing Brand

Our Custom Solution for Multiple Color Swatches

  • Quick View - Quick View allows your customer to access product details, without leaving their current page.

    Including this feature results in less friction for your customers, making the shopping experience smooth and easy for them.

    Although it is an efficient instrument to enhance your store's shopping experience, it can cause usability issues when poorly designed.

    Consider hiring Shopify experts to advise you on the best practices for implementing the quick view feature.


  • Size Chart - Incorporating a size chart feature in your clothing store can drastically reduce returns.

    The feature helps your customers find their right fit before purchasing, making them happier with their order.

    However, this feature may cut both ways if not implemented correctly.

We recommend researching best practices to ensure your size chart is well-organized and understandable to your customers.

  • Image zoom - One of the perks of shopping at physical stores is the ability to see the product close up before making a purchase.

    In online shopping, image zoom provides a closer look at your product, making this feature crucial to have in your online store.

    A UX research by Baymard's Institute showed that some users tend to abandon their purchases due to a lack of visual clarity.

  • Lookbooks & image galleries - These two features serve as inspiring galleries that showcase your apparel in different styled settings.

    They inspire your customers and give context that can't be communicated through standalone product images.

    Lookbooks illustrate potential outfits and uses, which helps customers visualize themselves wearing your clothing piece.

5 best Shopify themes for clothing and apparel stores

Stiletto - the Shopify theme for sophisticated clothing brands

Stilleto is perfect for high-end fashion brands and those who want to use editorial content like articles and long-form product pages.

The theme is packed with various dynamic features to help you strategically showcase your products.

If you are looking for a sophisticated theme for your clothing brand, Stilleto is crafted just for you.

Stiletto theme - scalable and responsive

The Stiletto Theme - Vogue Preset

the stiletto theme - fast speed

The Stiletto Theme - Chic Preset


With a 94% positive review rate, it's clear that Stilleto meets the expectations of its users.

The Stiletto Theme - High Rating

The Stiletto Theme - Reviews

Experience the Theme Firsthand

Check out the demo to see the theme in action.

Support and Price 

Stiletto offers robust customer support, providing prompt responses within 24 hours. At $340, the investment reflects the premium features and exceptional design quality you receive.

Key Features to Enhance Your Store

  • Sticky add-to-cart

  • Quick Buy

  • Quick View

  • Product Badges & Reviews

  • Size Chart

  • Promo Popups

  • Product filtering and sorting

  • Enhanced search

  • Trust Badges

  • Color Swatches

  • Countdown Timer

Stiletto Theme - Marketing and Conversion Features

The Stiletto Theme - Product Badges Feature

The Stiletto Theme - Product Reviews

The Stiletto Theme - Product Reviews Feature

Motion - The Ideal Shopify Theme For Minimalistic Clothing Brands

If you're looking for simplicity and elegance in your online store, Motion is your go-to Shopify theme.

Renowned for its classic design and effortless setup, it's a favorite among stores like Vogue Shop and Bec & Bridge.

Motion - Responsive Theme for Clothing Brands

The Motion Theme - Classic Preset

Experience the Theme Firsthand

You can explore the sophisticated simplicity of Motion by viewing the demo.

Highly Praised by Users

With a stellar approval rating of 97% from over 470 users, Motion has garnered praise for its expansive capabilities and the responsive customer support that backs it.

Motion - positive theme reviews

The Motion Theme - Reviews

Some of the best Motion features include:

  • Quick Buy

  • Quick View

  • Countdown Timer

  • Trust Badges

  • Size Charts

  • Product filtering and sorting

  • Enhanced search

  • Color Swatches

  • Mega Menu

  • Image Zoom

Motion Shopify Theme - product page features

The Motion Theme - Product Page

Motion Shopify Theme - Product Reviews

The Motion Theme - Product Reviews

The Motion Theme for Clothing Brands - Product Badges

The Motion Theme - Product Badges

Impulse - The Ultimate Theme For Elegant Clothing Brands

The Impulse theme combines a strong feature set and a sleek, clean design.

The Impulse Shopify Theme - for clothing brands

The Impulse Theme - Modern Preset

Experience the Theme Firsthand

Explore Impulse's features by checking out the demo.

Widely Celebrated by Users

Impulse is highly regarded, with nearly a thousand reviews and a 95% positive rating from users like you.

the Impulse Theme - High Rated

The Impulse Theme - Reviews

Affordably Priced for Superior Quality

At $280, Impulse offers a combination of price and performance, providing you with a cost-effective Shopify theme.

Some of The Best Theme Features Include:

  • Quick Buy

  • Quick View

  • Countdown Timer

  • Trust Badges

  • Size Chart

  • Color Swatches

  • Mega Menu

  • Product filtering and sorting

  • Enhanced search

  • Image Zoom

  • Animations

  • Recently Viewed

the Impulse Theme - Merchandising Features

The Impulse Theme - Size Chart

The Impulse Theme - Cross-selling

The Impulse Theme - Cross - Selling

Xclusive - Packed With Marketing Features

Xclusive is your ideal Shopify theme if you are aiming to launch promotions and showcase a diverse range of apparel.

Xclusive - shopify theme for fashion brands

The Xclusive Theme - Apparel Preset

Highly Praised for Its Versatility

Priced at $400, Xclusive boasts a 100% positive review rating in the Shopify theme store. Dive into its capabilities by exploring the demo.

Xclusive - Shopify reviews

The Xclusive Theme - Reviews

Rich Features to Elevate Your Online Store

Xclusive comes packed with all the powerful features we discussed earlier in the article:

  • Mega Menu

  • Sticky Cart

  • Quick Buy

  • Quick View

  • Trust Badges

  • Countdown Timer

  • Recently Viewed

  • Size Chart

  • Color Swatches

  • Image Zoom

  • Product Reviews

  • Product filtering and sorting

  • Enhanced search

Built by: Someone You Know

Xclusive - Product Page Features

The Xclusive Theme - Product Page

Xclusive - conversion features

The Xclusive Theme - Cross - Selling and Product Badges

Highlight: the best Shopify theme for creative fashion brands

Highlight is a theme with a modern design, centered around high-resolution images and interactive animations. The theme focuses on showcasing the products creatively.

highlight - shopify theme for creative fashion brands

The Highlight Theme - Modern Preset

Experience Highlight Yourself

Check out how Highlight can transform your online store by viewing the demo.

Praised for Excellence

With 39 reviews boasting a 95% positive rating, users are delighted with the quick, supportive customer service and the seamless setup process.

High - rated shopify theme for clothing brands

The Highlight Theme - Reviews

Priced for Creatives

Offered at $280, Highlight provides top-tier features without draining your budget.

Some of the best theme features include but are not limited to:

  • Quick Buy

  • Quick View

  • Countdown Timer

  • Trust Badges

  • Size Chart

  • Color Swatches

  • Mega Menu

  • Image Zoom

  • Animations

  • Recently Viewed

  • Product filtering and sorting

  • Enhanced search

Built by: Krown Themes

size chart merchandising shopify feature

The Highlight Theme - Size Chart on Product Page

marketing & conversion feature on shopify

The Highlight Theme - Upselling

product deatils feature shopify

The Highlight Theme - Product Details


In the fashion sector, visual appeal often is the initial draw when exploring different clothing options.

A visually appealing garment showcased in an attractive online store tends to a customer's attention strongly.

That's why investing in a Shopify theme is crucial.

If you are considering crafting a custom theme for your clothing store, reach out to our team for a free, no-strings-attached consultation for your Shopify theme.

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Storyblok Image
Storyblok Image

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