Revamping the Glowforge Shopify Plus store with a speedy turnaround of 7 weeks

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Make magical things at the push of a button.

Glowforge is an at-home 3D laser printer that lets you easily create jewelry, toys, leather goods, lighting, containers, art, and more. CraftBerry was commissioned to revamp and modernize their Shopify store, selling materials needed for enthusiasts to bring their creations to life and pre-made designs of 3D creations.

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A speedy project turnaround, resulting in a lightning-fast Shopify experience

Glowforge reached out to us with a request to rebuild their Shopify Plus store. One of the concerns with their existing store was speed. it was rather slow, resulting in a frustrating user experience and reduced conversion rate. With the store revamp, Glowforge had a goal to improve the speed.

At CraftBerry, we know from multiple years of experience that a faster store equals more sales. We were confident that we can deliver dramatically faster speed by using the latest Shopify tools and frameworks.

See for yourself in the demonstration below.


A modern, user-friendly e-commerce design

Developed in 2018, Glowforge's Shopify Plus storefront was getting outdated. With the help of their talented creative team, we created a clean design that matches the Glowforge brand.

See a comparison between the new and previous versions of the store.


Flexible content management

Glowforge wanted to make the content management as simple as possible so their marketing team can seamlessly update it without writing code.

Thanks to Shopify 2.0 'sections everywhere' and our expertise, we ensured great flexibility of the content management system. The marketing team is now extra happy about it!


Complex business logic implementation

The Glowforge project came with a set of complex business requirements that had to be translated into working features.

As a company with multiple web properties, Glowforge uses Contentful to manage the footer content.

Another complicated feature was integrating a custom react plugin, that detects the customer subscription plan for their Glowforge printer and based on that determines the price of the designs available in the store.

That was all made possible thanks to the joint effort between the CraftBerry team and Emily + Melissa from Glowforge software engineering team.

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