Scope of Work

At Craft Berry, we focus on completing small and medium tasks for Shopify stores. We aim to deliver very fast, stellar quality work at a reasonable price. 

A small task takes up to 1 hour to complete and costs 1 Craft Credit. 

A medium task takes more than one hour to complete.
If a medium task takes 5 hours to complete, it costs 5 Craft Credits.

Our process of work is simple. It consists of 6 steps :

  1. Evaluation (logging into the store, assessing theme + store and requested changes)
  2. Store preparation (duplicating, renaming the theme. If apps are needed we will ask you to install it before we start working)
  3. Development
  4. Testing ( a quality assurance professional will ensure the task is delivered flawlessly before handing it off to you )
  5. Communication (we will let you know we’ve completed the task)
  6. Revisions (we will complete all reasonable revisions at no extra charge).

There are many different Shopify tasks so it is impossible to list them all. Check our list below with the most common requests we get from our customers.

Here are some of the tasks (but not limited to) that we can help you with: 


  • Design, style and code changes
  • Small graphics design requests ( creating a homepage banner, adding a sale badge etc )
  • Shopify app configurations
  • Building pages based on a design provided from you
  • Designing  basic pages for your store
  • Small Theme layout fixes, tweaks, and configurations
  • Small HTML and JavaScript changes
  • Forms fixes and modifications
  • Social media images
  • Troubleshooting questions
  • Shopify app and problem-solving recommendations
  • Billing, payout and payment gateway questions
  • Conversion rate optimization recommendations
  • Shopify good practice questions.
  • Basic store setup


If you want to get some real-world examples of the task we successfully complete each day, check our Tasks Catalog


Not Included:

  • Advanced SEO or Analytics set-up
  • Complicated development of new functionality
  • Shopify Theme Installation/Setup/”Updates”. Please check an article about this on the link here.
  • Repetitive data entry
  • Store setups
  • Copywriting