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wonderful lets children enjoy each dental experience


Meet the brand that sells super tasty fluoride varnishes and prophy pastes. Directly and cost effectively, wonderful offers premium products, developed by a dentist for other pediatric dentists

The Beginning

The founders of wonderful dental reached us literally on the verge of starting their company. The business idea was to sell only online premium dental products for kids.  Directly from their factory to pediatric dentists. No suppliers or complicated and expensive delivery processes.

Our task was to design and build a B2B oriented Shopify store from scratch and to take long-term responsibility for its support.

We knew that in order to perform successfully, we first had to dive deep into the brand’s identity. And that was exactly what we did. After spending some time focusing on the store strategy, we started developing a website that embodies the spirit of wonderful dental’s products and mission.


The Journey

The first step of this wonderful journey was to design a jolly and easy-to-use landing page. The second one – to build the website and to launch it. We devotedly engaged in creating a simplified shopping experience for all dentists that trusted the brand. We celebrated the progressive increase of their number with a second website redesign and gave them all a well-deserved place inside.

Undoubtedly, one of the features we are truly proud of is the shopping cart and its quite offbeat style. It’s just super easy to navigate and allows users to add or remove products directly from their checkout page.

As time was passing by and the company was thriving, we started adding more functionalities to the store. In partnership with Reviews.io we developed an automated review collection aimed at increasing the social proof and the credibility of the products.

Oh, and we also redesigned the store two more times. Just to make sure we surpass ourselves.

The Result

Starting from the initial scratch, we built wonderful’s storefront and managed to upgrade it to Shopify Plus in just a year and a half.

The website is now a home for over 750 verified reviews of dentists that are constantly coming back to order affordable, tasty fluoride varnishes and prophy pastes.

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