Otaku Attack

Shopify Store Design & Development

Otaku Attack celebrates everyone’s inner geek and its profound wearing for the world to see.


Meet the brand of the anime enthusiasts, the comic book fans, the gamers, the makers, the Geeks and the Sheeks.

The Beginning

The founders of Otaku Attack, lovers of technology, movies and games, reached us with a request to design and build their first online store.

Their passion for the anime world has inspired a business idea of creating hoodies and T-shirts for everyone around the globe keen on this culture. They had the why, the how and the what. They had their products. The only thing left was an online store to distribute Otaku Attack’s creative and unique clothes.

We took this project in 2019 and immersed ourselves in the identity of the brand.

You already know us, it is where we always start from.


The Journey

For a month, we were customizing the design of their Shopify storefront.

Simplified. User friendly. Highlighting the products and their vibe.

That was the right direction.

We built it up. All features necessary were integrated and tested out.

The Result

Within quite a short period of time, we crafted Otaku Attack and enabled all anime lovers shop exclusive pieces that represent their world.

We closed this project proud of the work done and thankful for the positive feedback received.

And of course, pleased to add a Tokyo-based company to our portfolio.

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