Jordan Belfort | The Wolf of Wall street

Urgent completion of Shopify tasks

‘The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullsh*t story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it’.


Jordan Belfort

The Beginning

The very last days of November 2020 were approaching. The biggest event of the year in the e-commerce world as well.

This period is always exciting and busy both for us and for our clients. Sticking to a hectic schedule, we were updating, testing and developing new functionalities. We were making sure all the stores we are in charge of are performing flawlessly. In other words, elaborate preparations for the upcoming Black Friday were being made.

No longer than two days before the date of the biggest sale, the team of Jordan Belfort reached us with an urgent inquiry. Their storefront needed some improvements, it was not yet ready to welcome all users interested in the special courses of The Wolf of Wall Street.



The Journey

As soon as we went through the tasks that had to be completed, we decided to help JB’s team. We rearranged our agenda and stayed overnight.

Having no time to make any major or complicated improvements, we focused our efforts on refining the most crucial parts of the store.

24 hours later the storefront had cleaned up product and courses pages and an optimized cart. All three tested. And performing perfectly well.

The Result

Working on this project was a thrilling journey.

Short but thrilling.

Sometimes minor tasks play a big role and make a true difference.

After all, ensuring the ultimate shopping experience for customers and brands is what we do. And no extra hours can take away the satisfaction of helping a brand perform and multiply its store conversion rate at such an important moment.

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