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Innermost empowers people to live a more inspired life because a world where everyone can realise the best version of themselves is for the good of all.


Meet the wellness brand that will encourage you to be BOLD, BRIGHT & DIFFERENT

The Beginning

During the winter of 2019, Innermost contacted us with an initial request to create a quiz that enables their online visitors to find the most appropriate products based on their personal goals.

Our task was to successfully develop a complex algorithm that follows the answers of each user and leads to a strongly customized result. The core idea behind it was to reach a win-win situation both for Innermost and for its clients. They get professional advice depending on their individual needs while the company uses the collected data to recommend specific high quality supplements.

More than happy to collaborate with such a premium brand as Innermost and work on a feature that would help lots of people achieve their fitness goals, we focused our efforts on building the quiz.

The Journey

After months of developing and testing the quiz, the functionality went live. The algorithm started gathering points and customizing products for the thousands of users that took it since then.

Innermost added a high tech feature to its elegant storefront and was already able to offer its clients exactly what each of them needed.

As the quiz project was successfully closed, we took over the support of Innermost’s Shopify store on a monthly retainer basis.

Taking a single step at a time, we started upgrading the website, refining its design and adding new functionalities. First we concentrated on updating the product page. Then we joined forces with Innermost’s team to rebuild the blog and turned it into a stylish and inspiring page full of Insights. Then we launched the so-called Rewards program in collaboration with Loyalty Lion. Then we developed the Recharge functionality that allows customers to subscribe for deliveries of certain products over a specified time period.

And we keep on going.

The Result

Started as a single request, our bond with Innermost gradually transformed to a solid partnership.

Today’s Innermost is an expression of a high-end, stylish, customer-oriented online store.  Over and above its impressive minimalistic design come the AI powered recommendations, loyalty & student programs, rich in content blog page, recharge subscription options and many more features that ensure the brand’s leading positions in the e-commerce world.

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