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Top 3 Page Builder Apps for Your Shopify Store Design

Before platforms like Shopify were introduced, building online stores was a hard task that required a lot of development knowledge. These providers made the creation of a website much easier and way more accessible for everyone.

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Before platforms like Shopify were introduced, building online stores was a hard task that required a lot of development knowledge. These providers made the creation of a website much easier and way more accessible for everyone.

This first giant step towards an expanding and prospering e-commerce world was followed by a second one – the introduction of page builder apps. The process of customizing your store became straightforward.

The best thing about these applications?

Zero coding skills are required of you to start. The only limit was and still is the reach of your imagination.

In this thorough app review, we gathered the ultimate page builder choices, so you can pick the right one and kick off your online endeavors.

Let’s see what the Shopify App Store has to offer.

Table Of Contents

  • #1 App – GemPages

  • #2 App – Shogun

  • #3 App – PageFly

  • Custom Page Development 

  • Summary

1. GemPages

First on the list goes our favorite builder – Gem Pages. This application helped us implement and design unique pages for our clients.

GemPages features a modern, easy-to-navigate design with all the latest tweaks and buttons for your page. From a single text box to a more complex sliding before and after images (which would otherwise require a lot of coding), it is all available to you by a simple drag and drop.

Initial thoughts

When we first started using GemPages, we noticed how powerful this application is. A single hour was all it took to get the hang of it and see the scope of its features.

Its library is vast and has clean-looking, ready-to-use templates you can choose from if you are unsure of your design in the beginning.

The platform is simple enough to use. For what is more, its navigation is extremely user-friendly.

GemPages made designing, imitating, and replicating various landing pages for our clients much easier and helped us reach optimal results. The best part is that even for an inexperienced user with no coding skills, the creation of a first-class page is definitely not out of reach – you just need to add an extra hour of learning the ins and the outs of the platform.

Unique Parts

GemPages offers several things that will give you an edge in the building process and make you stand out.

  • Mini applications

This app provides various already built-in features, thus saving you money and time. Conversion-boosting applications include a countdown timer; a stock counter; video pop-ups 1600x7821600x7821600x782and many more.

  • SEO optimization

GemPages allows you to add alt-tags to images and write meta descriptions. Another great feature is the ‘lazy load’ of images on your page (available only in the professional plan), which improves the loading speed and further optimizes your search engine rankings.

  • Ready-to-use templates

Thinking of the design can be time-consuming. With GemPages you can start with choosing from various sleek templates and then customize them however you desire.

  • Forever usability

Even if you decide to step away from GemPages, your custom-designed templates will remain available on your website.

Customer Support

Staggering support, with kind and professional employees.

Live chat is directly accessible inside the building platform, so you don’t have to search for it.

When we made contact, the support team’s response was fast and super detailed. They even went above and beyond and sent a full video, explaining the solution of the problem visually.

Unfortunately, they are yet to offer 24/7 customer support, but as we were told, it’s coming. Soon you’ll have an expert on GemPages by your side, at all times.

Pros & Cons


  • Neat and easy-to-use interface

  • Professional templates

  • 30+ app integrations

  • Unlimited pages in the starter plan


  • Overwhelming at first, but GemPages greets you with useful tutorials

  • Longer use of the platform might create some hiccups, but a simple reload fixes the issue

  • Specific “Font Weight” options are not available1600x782

Reviews & Testimonials

Thousands of store owners rely on GemPages for the outlook of their website.

This goes to show how much of a powerful tool this page builder app is and how it impacts the work of many designers and developers by smoothing the workflow.

Taking into consideration the thousands of reviews on the Shopify app store and the score of 4.9/5, we must admit that GemPages reaches a level of appreciation only the very best apps possess.

Final Words

GemPages offers a great, flexible platform for building and designing pages. Through clicking, trial & error, the app quickly makes everything needed possible. Pricing is comparably affordable – starting at $15 and with higher plans up to $59, the platform gradually unlocks mini-apps, multiple store installations, and many more.

2. Shogun

Shogun is one of the pioneers of page-building platforms.

It has the most simplified design of the three, yet it still feels quite modernistic. With tons of options to implement, Shogun will give you alternatives, you had not thought about.

Well-known brands that use this page builder include MVMT, K-Swiss, and Chubbies.

Initial Thoughts

Shogun is a user-friendly platform, allowing the user not to be overwhelmed. The layout of the building page is simple while it gives you every tool needed, right in front of you, without having to figure out how and where to find it.

Shogun does not provide automatic tutorials for beginners, but the “Getting Started” guide is easily accessible at the bottom. Although there are no video instructions, the guides have plenty of screenshots with detailed explanations in them.

Its ready-to-use templates are stunning. From storytelling to straight-to-the-point sale pitches, you will find everything you have in mind, ready and perfectly designed.

The page builder is so light that you can instantly switch between different dimensions without any delay.

Unique Parts

Shogun has been in the game for years and as one of the first few to utilize the page building process, it has some awesome, “can only be found in” features.

  • Analytics & Syncing

The platform provides a greatly optimized analytics suite with all information about the performance of your page. If you own several websites, syncing has been made easy and you can do it right away. All you need are two or more websites with the same email.

  • A/B testing

A brilliant appliance, giving you the freedom of testing (you know how important it is to continuously test to get better conversion rates). Performing A/B testing is the best solution if you are unsure about which design to use or which created template will perform better.

  • Every tool on screen

Time efficiency is key and Shogun makes sure everything is easily reachable. Within the page building phase, you will hardly have to click twice to achieve your desired action.

  • Pre-made templates

Convenient pre-made full and partial templates, as well as structural blocks, can be implemented straight in the building phase. What is more, they give you a wonderful inspiration and creative new ideas.

  • Team tab

Shogun has integrated a great team tab for developers and multiple store editors, which helps you track all previously taken actions. This makes it easier to see all the changes made thus completing tasks faster.

Customer Support

Albeit a great page builder, this is where Shogun lacks strength. They offer the perfect “24/7 support” option yet with one major downside – it’s only available for the highest charge.

And being one of the higher-priced page builders leaves many with the only reach to a support team through an email.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple interface with everything displayed on screen

  • A wide variety of pre-made templates

  • Easy-to-use A/B testing tool

  • A light platform that makes the creation of your page faster


  • Most of the features are available only in the premium plans

  • The cheapest plan is quite limited and still costly

Reviews & Testimonials

Being a pioneer in the page building space, Shogun is truly remarkable.

This can easily be proven when we look at their clients. Leesa, Beardbrand, K-Swiss, The Ridge, and many 7+ figure brands.

They even hold the record for more than 1000 reviews on the Shopify app store without a single review lower than 4 stars!

Final Words

Shogun knows its job and does it super effectively. Their drag and drop feature is optimally utilized. During our experience with it, the building platform did not slow down a bit and made us reach the completion of the pages faster.

3. PageFly

The freedom and customization PageFly offers are impressive. Providing a lot of adjustments, many small detail tweaks, this platform is created for the best-looking website pages.

PageFly is the most popular page-building app in the Shopify App Store. There are reasons for that and here are just a few.

Initial Thoughts

The application is rich in features, even in the free plan. It provides an “Analytics” page, which can help you optimize your templates and achieve better results.

The video tutorials and blog articles will promptly answer any of your questions.

The feature-rich provision might be a little too overwhelming for some at first. For example, whilst choosing or looking through the variants for various elements, one could easily deviate and confound their initial vision.

The actual page builder is not as straightforward as the other apps on this list. But once you get used to the practice, you will see the substantial power of this tool.

Unique Parts

PageFly makes sure customization goes through the roof. It provides a great all-around usage as well as some unique touches.

  • Customization

On top of the regular drag-and-drop elements, PageFly offers different variants on most of them. This gives you even more options to choose from, thus helping you stand out from the competition.

  • Analytics on the free plan

This is a great advantage to have. An in-depth look at your pages with explanations on every part of the analytics.

  • 24/7 immediate support

In case you have any questions, big or small, the brilliant support team behind PageFly will help you out within minutes on their live chat!

  • Lazy loading of images

This will greatly boost your load time and SEO. On top of that, it’s available on the free plan!

  • 30+ Integrations

Whether through Shopify or outside of it, PageFly offers a substantial list of available integrations.

Customer Support

PageFly has a mind-boggling 50+ support officers at all times, ready to answer all your questions.

It even has multilingual support, for those who only sell locally in a non-English speaking country.

When contacted, a real obstacle we faced was quickly given a solution to by a very kind and friendly employee.

Without leaving your work, the live chat can be directly accessed through the platform, so you can continue your design building, with the help of a PageFly expert.

Pros & Cons


  • Every tool is available on the free plan

  • A wide variety of elements

  • Quick and optimized customer support 


  • Not a minimalistic looking platform, which might limit creativity

  • Might become sluggish at times

Reviews & Testimonials

The reviews and testimonials on the app store speak volumes.

88,000+ active owners use this platform for their websites and seem quite happy with it.

As the most reviewed page-building app, it has to do something right! And its 4.9/5 review score proves it.

Final Words

Having such a diversity of tools and elements on a free plan makes this page builder preferred by many app. The layout of the platform might be a little bit overwhelming, which could lessen your creativity. If that is not an issue, it seems to be one of the best choices for seasoned entrepreneurs.

Custom Page Development

Although such great tools do exist, if you are an already well-established brand and/or require a very high-quality procedure that needs completion with exceptional attention to detail, your best choice would be to choose a trusted Shopify Partner for a custom page design and development.

Starting on your own will take more hours than you might realize, thus resulting in a higher budget needed to maintain your store. In that case, you may consider utilizing your time and focusing on other important matters, while letting a Shopify expert design, build or transform your storefront’s pages.


Page building apps are a significant step in the process of easing storefront design.

Designing a website with the exact vision you have without being limited by your coding skills in any way is an aspiration for many. Now that you know what each of the three page builder apps offers, you can easily choose the one that would optimally serve you.

Nonetheless, if you prefer having expert help on whatever design issue you might face, we would be happy to put your mind at peace while delivering the results you desire.

Want to go for custom page design and development? Let’s chat about your project!

Last updated: April 2021